I am currently working on a number of exciting projects for Pearson South Africa but several are still in development, so I can’t share all of that work just yet.

However my regular work involves the follow aspects of UX design:

  • sitemaps
  • workflow anaylsis and design
  • user research
  • personas
  • user journeys
  • user requirements
  • wireframes, paper and interactive prototypes
  • usability testing
  • heuristic evalution
  • UX training

I design for web, iOS and Android products.

I am working on a redesign of this portfolio (as of October 2016) to includes examples of all the above as soon as possible. One recently-live product I can share is listed below.

X-kit Achieve! Mobile Android app

Pearson’s X-kit Achieve Mobile revision app is live and available to download on the Play Store.

For this project, I created workflows, user journeys, paper prototypes and UXPin interactive mockups. I also designed and conducted several rounds of usability testing.

Other websites I have designed, built and still maintain include:

For an archive of older UX work please click here.