Much of my work is for proprietary products that have not yet been released, and it therefore cannot be shared publically.

However my regular work involves the follow aspects of UX design:

  • sitemaps
  • workflow anaylsis and design
  • user research
  • personas
  • user journeys
  • user requirements
  • wireframes, paper and interactive prototypes
  • usability testing
  • heuristic evalution
  • UX training design and facilitation

I design for web, iOS and Android products.

One recent product I can share is listed below.

X-kit Achieve! Mobile Android app

Pearson’s X-kit Achieve Mobile revision app is live and available to download on the Play Store.

For this project, I created workflows, user journeys, paper prototypes and UXPin interactive mockups. I also designed and conducted several rounds of usability testing.

Other websites I have designed, built and still maintain include:

For an archive of older UX work please click here.