I am a user experience (UX) designer and a musician.

I believe that all users are experts in their personal domains and that we need to spend more time asking people what they want and need from technology and less time designing to satisfy other agendas. User-centred design can and does make the world a beautiful thing.

I’ve studied a variety of things, including psychology, law, international relations, classical music, computer science and astronomy. UX turned out to be a serendipitious combination of a number of things that I love including people, psychology, creative design and careful, logical problem-solving.

My most recent venture into academia involved an M.Phil. in IT from the University of Cape Town, specialising in Human-Computer Interaction, under the late Gary Marsden. I have worked as a professional musician, an author, a typesetter, a project manager and a front-end developer, but UX design and music are where my real enthusiasm lies.

When I’m not drawing paper prototypes and grumbling about bad UX on Twitter, I walk in the mountains with my dogs, drink wine and watch too much Netflix.

Random facts

  • Software I love: GVim, GitHub, LaTeX, GarageBand and Google Drive.
  • Markup languages I can write in my sleep: HTML5, CSS3, XML
  • Favourite sport: swimming
  • Most unusual qualification: Licentiate of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (Performance: cello)
  • Most precious possession: my 1993 Dawne Haddad ‘Animato’ cello
  • Language I’d most like to learn (but am least likely to use): Dansk
  • Most curious hobby: bird-watching in South Africa’s multitude of National Parks

Musical things

My current musical projects are:

Recordings of recent musical endeavours can be found here on Soundcloud.


As much as I adore the internet, I don’t trust it with my personal details. If you’re a human: my e-mail address is simply my name (as per the title of this page, all lower case) at gmail.com. Alternatively you can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn or GitHub.